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Taxation and Compliances 

We provide a complete range of compliance solutions from tax registration to tax return filing. Obtain tax registration or file returns with the Income Tax Department, ESI Department, PF Department, Custom Department, Ministry of Corporate Affairs and more.

Corporate Tax

Whether your company is an emerging enterprise or a large established business, our professionals will employ their corporate tax experience and resources to:

  • Assist you in meeting all tax-related filings for corporates

  • Provide you with the final analysis of the financial statement related to accounting for taxes

  • Develop possibilities to reduce and defer corporate taxes


Our Corporate Tax Professional Team possesses vast experience in the field of corporate taxation that provides corporate tax services in Delhi and across India.  We implement our sound mind of what it necessitates to improve useful tax policies – with the efficiency and accuracy needed in the present volatile tax environment. We being a business tax experts in Janakpuri, West Delhi use our experience to create modern solutions to our clients most complex and essential tax issues.

Our areas of expertise in corporate tax include:

  • Accounting for income taxes

  • Corporate Tax Compliance Services – Preparation and filing of tax returns

  • Corporate tax planning

  • Audit support to corporates

  • Due Diligence for corporate issues and Tax controversies

  • International tax planning for overseas Entities

Income Tax Litigation Services

Facing a bitter dispute, discourse, or litigation may be the most challenging time for the organization. During these tough times, it is crucial to have reliable experts whom you can trust. UG & Co. helps organizations represent a wide range of actions, lawsuits, examinations, and regulatory issues at every level during the assessment and appeal process. At MAG, being one of the best Tax Litigation firms in Delhi, provide the best tax litigation services in India; our team contributes well technical and litigation support in legal proceedings before the concerned tax authority. We aim to assist individuals and businesses in responding to objections by concerned judicial authorities by effectively using our core skills, technical expertise, and legal knowledge.

Our professionals diverge to provide the highest standards of skills and expertise based on experience and knowledge to accumulate, examine and evaluate evidence. Our team is uniquely poised to support clients who navigate disputes efficiently – wherever they may be.

Direct & Indirect Tax

In India, our tax structure is divided into two parts Direct Tax and Indirect Tax. It is very crucial to understand the overview of Direct and Indirect Tax. While direct taxes are levied on incomes earned by individuals and corporate entities, the burden to pay taxes is on the taxpayers themselves. On the other hand, indirect taxes are imposed on the sale of goods and provision of services where the burden to collect and deposit taxes is on the sellers instead of the taxpayer directly. However, indirect taxes are borne by the ultimate consumers of goods or services.

1.  Direct Tax: 

With tax laws progressing each day, businesses must be informed of timely compliance challenges that may profess a threat and lead to penalties and prosecution. A tax-efficient structure for the businesses will release the load from the entity's shoulders and thereby assure related compliances. Direct taxes comprise Corporate Tax and Personal Tax.

Our service bag includes the following advisory and compliance services w.r.t. direct taxes:

  • Tax Planning and Advisory

  • Income Tax Return Filings

  • Preparation for Income Tax Scrutiny Assessments and various other Tax Proceedings

  • Filing and submission of Income Tax Appeals before CIT(A) and ITAT

  • Representations before Income Tax Authorities

  • Payments of Advance Tax, TDS, and reconciliations

  • E-Filing of TDS returns & Form 16/16A preparations

  • Filing of Tax Audit Reports

  • Applications for Lower Tax Deduction Certificates

  • Capital Gain Calculations

  • Assistance in Tax Litigations & related Controversies

2.  Indirect Tax:  

To reduce indirect tax incidence and risk of possible assessments and scrutiny, it is very crucial to outline significant tax and compliance strategies, which in turn need appropriate professional guidance and assistance. UG & Co. is the best Indirect Tax Consultant across India. We assist in obtaining GST registrations, returns filing, refunds, and representations before GST authorities, opinions, and annual and transitional compliances. We also provide services relating to service tax, customs, VAT & CST, excise duties, etc.

Income Tax Return Filings

Income Tax Return services and income tax consultants in India. An income tax Return is a form in which a person files information on his income earned during a financial year and its tax thereon to the Income Tax Department. Under Income Tax, a person can be an individual, HUF, Firm or LLP, company, NGO, Society, Trust, etc. The government has made it mandatory for individuals and others who earn a specified amount of annual income to file their ITRs within the due dates prescribed under the act. Those who earn less than the amount chargeable to tax can also submit their returns voluntarily.

A lot of individuals think filing income tax returns is an unnecessary and voluntary task and thereby wholly ignore the benefits associated with filing tax returns. Filing returns is not at all a burdensome process; instead, it is effortless and beneficial. As a responsible citizen of the country, it is your social and moral duty as well to file income tax returns annually.

Reasons why to File Income Tax Returns by Individual taxpayers?

  1. Getting Loans and Credit Cards Approved

  2. Quick Visa Approvals

  3. To Claim Income Tax Refunds and Business Losses

  4. Avoiding Penalties and Prosecution

  • ITR Filing of HUF

  • ITR Filing of Partnership Firms

    • Registered partnership firm

    • Unregistered partnership firm

  • ITR Filing of NGO/Trust/Society

Trade License

A Trade License is a permit granted by the municipality that allows individuals or companies to conduct their business within the municipality geographical jurisdiction. Trade License essentially allows the person who wants to start a business to do so legally.

Our dedicated team will assist you in obtaining Trade license in India at a very affordable price. We extend our support from documentation to preparation and filing.

Certification And Attestation Services

Certification and attestation services in Delhi, One of the most meticulous & vital services of professional is the issuance of certificates to their clients needed for several purposes under different laws, rules & regulations. Broadly, businesses require certificates based upon nature of the entity, the events being pleased by them under the law, any financial arrangement with banks or the financial institutions, getting benefit & various deductions to under different statues and periodical compliances of applicable rules & regulations. We at UG & Co., provide certification and attestation services for all those purposes as required by the clients.

80G & 12A Registration

Are you somebody who runs a trust or intends to start one? Are you aware that the Income Tax Law provides you special rebates under sections 12A and 80G? Are you grabbing this opportunity, or you want to, but...don’t know how?

The government introduced certain provisions in the Finance Act, 2020, making it compulsory for charitable/religious/educational institutions/trusts to get themselves re-registered/ re-approved or get provisional registration under the sections mentioned above. These provisions were made effective from 1st April 2021.

If you’re a founder of an NGO or a big-hearted donor, then you must walk through this piece of information below, wherein you’ll be able to find all the answers you need for saving your monies and availing of the benefits offered by the Act.

Lower Deduction Certificate In Case Of Property Purchase By NRI

Given the tendency of taxpayers to evade taxes, Income Tax provisions provide for the collection of tax from the very source of income. Under this system, the person liable to make the payment (payer) is responsible for deducting tax before making the payment to the recipient at the rates specified by the revenue department.

Such tax has to be deducted either at the time of crediting the amount in the books or when making payment to the recipient, whichever is earlier. It ensures the timely collection of revenues by the government and controls tax evasion.

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