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Accounting and Book Keeping

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Book-keeping is an art of identifying, approving, sorting and record-keeping company’s financial transactions in a manner that they can be retrieved and presented for the higher management reporting.

It is the process of recording financial transactions of business daily. It is a part of accounting process that records the financial affairs of the company in the form of journal entries. It is a means of entering data into the accounting system. Therefore, accurate, reliable and complete book-keeping becomes a significant source of information for any business. 

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Tally Book Keeping

We at UG & Company are an experienced team of accountants having served the industry since 2012 and are present online so that the service is no issue while doing accounting. Our accounting with tally service is available all over India. Our Tally expert offers best-in-class accounting via Tally.

Quickbook Accounting

Whether you’re a small business owner or self-employed, QuickBooks makes it easy to keep your financials organized from anywhere. So you can make better business decisions, focus on growth, and take the stress out of tax time. 

Connect with us to maintain your books using Quickbook 

Zoho Accounting

Zoho Books is a comprehensive cloud financial platform that takes care of your business finance. From core accounting, stock tracking, bank reconciliation, and managing projects, to automating workflows, and keeping your business GST compliant, Zoho Books does it all and more.

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Amazon / Flipkart Accounting

Accounting for complex online platform sales/ aggregators is a task, but we have an amazing solution for it. Our experts can help maintain your books without hassle & that too online.

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